Mimi Scheibe - UX & Discovery Coach


I work with you in a results-oriented and individual way according to your status quo and your needs, resources, and goals.


I will provide honest, constructive feedback and effective methods and tools to improve and develop your professional skills.


Together we reflect on your professional patterns of thinking and acting. We create new impulses and arrive at more targeted approaches.
UX Coaching / UX Group Coaching - Illustrated Group of People
UX Coaching / UX Group Coaching - Illustrated Group of People

Working with me

The proper support for everyone

UX, in the sense of a discipline, is a vast field – which is why user experience is also called an umbrella term in this context. Numerous approaches, frameworks, methods and techniques fall into it. And, of course, it breaks down into multiple sub-disciplines and more specialised role descriptions.
To position oneself as broadly as possible in this domain – generally expected nowadays – takes time, experience and support. The latter can be provided by professional coaching and supervision, for example.

I support you in your very individual professional development. Because this process is very unique and personal, it can only be roughly generalised and outlined here.

  • We start with a free 30-min session to get to know each other.
  • Usually, a 1:1 coaching package consists of 10 weekly coaching sessions over a period of 3 months and takes place remotely. However, all of this can be individually adjusted.
  • In the first session, we determine your status quo and define your personal coaching journey.
  • The coaching sessions then deal with your individual “curriculum”.
  • You might also get a homework assignment in some of the sessions that you should work on until the next appointment.

I offer UX coaching for individuals, teams, and assorted groups (stay tuned for upcoming cohorts).

My coaching programm is suitable for you if you are

  • a UX designer or researcher (no matter if beginner or already very experienced)
  • a UX Teamlead or Head of UX
  • a product manager
  • new to UX or want to get into it
  • a UX team

To benefit from professional coaching with me, you need to be ready and willing for change, feedback and constructive criticism. Only those who want to work on themselves can expect positive results from any coaching.

In addition, it can be helpful if you are surrounded by the UX discipline in everyday life. For example, if you are currently working as a UX designer, you can directly implement what you have just learned on the one hand and bring your very current challenges to the sessions on the other hand. However, this is not a mandatory prerequisite.

What you take away from our coaching sessions depends on various factors. Among other things, of course, your expectations, your needs and goals, and your starting position.

My wish and aim are that you feel more confident and self-assured in your respective role at the end of our joint journey. Be it because you have learned new methods or techniques, for instance, or have gained new perspectives on your situation and ways of dealing with it.

Find out more about how UX coaching can help you in your unique situation in this blog post: How a UX Coach Can Help You.

There is nothing like “the one right way to conduct a product discovery” because no company is like the other, no team is like the other and even more so: no problem is like the other. Unique situations, challenges and needs require different approaches. But don’t worry! With my product discovery coaching program, I’m picking you up where you are.

I offer you a curriculum-based 12-session coaching program.

  • We will meet remotely for 90 minutes each week.
  • In each session, I will provide you with technical and methodological know-how.
  • We will look at and try out various methods and approaches and discuss how they suit your particular situation and specific challenges.
  • At the end of each session, you will take away homework for the next week.

Of course, there will always be time for your questions.

At a minimum, you should send the team’s product manager.

However, it would be much better if I worked with what Teresa Torres calls the “product trio“. I also like to address those people as the team’s product spearhead. These are most often

  • the product manager,
  • the lead designer,
  • and the lead engineer.

To be precise, the constellation strongly depends on your product and your company’s team setups. So sometimes, there are other roles involved. Let’s best discuss this individually.

If you want to introduce continuous and sustainable discovery routines in your company or team, it is helpful if you already work outcome-oriented and collaboratively in cross-functional teams.

Without this foundation, it can be difficult to successfully apply what you will learn in our sessions.

After the 12 sessions, you will have learned a lot of helpful methods and approaches to figure out your users’ needs and pains, which of them make the best opportunities for your business goals and how and when to use which technique.

You’ll have understood to externalize your assumptions and solutions, so you’ll really be able to talk about and share the same things.

And finally, the continuous usage of discovery routines as an integral part of your daily product development and within your own processes and workflows will help you grow closer together as a team which naturally leads to more remarkable outcomes.

About Me

Hi, my name is Mimi

My methodological expertise ranges from user research and analysis to conception and prototyping to UX strategy. Before I came to UX, I was a software and web developer, so I also have a broad technological understanding.

I have gained comprehensive knowledge in my many years as a UX designer, mentor, and UX team leader. Working as a freelancer gave me insight into various companies of different sizes and with different setups.

Today, I draw on this wealth of experience as a coach and want to pass on my talents and knowledge to you. Together we can tackle your challenges and take your professional and personal skills to the next level.

You can also find me on: