The Little Communication Guide for UX Designers

Learn to Communicate Successfully with All Stakeholders

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    What kind of interaction do you wish to have with your stakeholders?

    If you’re reading this, you probably want to improve communication or interaction with your colleagues, stakeholders, or team members.

    Perhaps you have difficulty conveying your design decisions clearly, or you receive feedback in a way that hurts and doesn’t help you?

    Whatever it is, you’re in the right place!


    Unfortunately, communication often goes awry. It really doesn’t take much for that to happen. And so, the exchange between people – especially in the work context, where challenging topics often arise – is often disillusioning.

    That’s why I’m regularly asked by professional colleagues like you how to be seen, heard and understood. How to convince others of your ideas and how to stop unwanted feedback from stakeholders and other non-specialists.

    These questions conceal completely legitimate concerns and worries, especially related to our own self-worth. In our creative profession, we express ourselves through our work and often define ourselves through it. Miscommunication therefore regularly feels personal.

    But what I’ve learned through years of working with all sorts of people is that everyone wants to be seen, heard, and understood (including your counterpart). And with the right tools and techniques, effective and appreciative communication can be achieved.

    In this little guide, I present you with the basics and strategies that will enable you to confidently present your ideas and opinions and actively seek feedback. Consider it as a secret recipe to boost your self-confidence and succeed in your role.

    Are you ready to improve your communication skills and overcome the challenges in your workplace? Then get the Ebook for free with just a simple click.

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    Who is Mimi Scheibe and how can she help you?

    Your email address is safe with me!


    I am a passionate UX coach and facilitator, and I have been involved in the digital business for over two decades. For many years, I worked as a UX freelancer in various companies, allowing me to get to know diverse setups and approaches.

    With the onset of the pandemic, I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a UX team. My true passion lies in passing on my knowledge to others and helping them develop to their full potential. Today, I continue this in my freelance work.

    My coaching services include both individual 1:1 sessions and group coaching sessions. I work holistically and individually, customised to your current status quo. My support ranges from methodological and professional development to career development and strengthening your personal standing within the company.

    I believe that communication is one of the most fundamental building blocks in our interaction with others. That’s why I am studying communication psychology on the side, equipping myself with the necessary tools to strengthen you, especially in this area.


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