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I aim to provide helpful information about UX research and product discovery. The knowledge on this blog will be made up of content on terminology, methodology, psychology, trends and such. I hope this resource will help you uplift your critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

How I Became a UX Person, or Why You Don’t Need a Perfect CV to Be Successful – Part 4

Oh wow, already the fourth part! As long as you don't start writing it down, you feel like you don't really have anything to tell, but then ... 😅 But Yay, today it's finally time to get to the UX part of the story.
This is part three of my story. I also share it to encourage you if you are currently at a turning point in your (professional) life, for instance. I have often been faced with whether I should start all over again or at least change direction. This question comes quite quickly when I don't feel comfortable in situations or contexts. For some people, this means that I give up too fast. They then tell me I should "grit my teeth and bare it". "Pull yourself together!".
With UX coaching, an experienced UX professional – the UX coach – supports your individual professional development. And because this process is so unique and personal, it can only be roughly generalised and outlined here. Coaching picks you up exactly where you are. If, for example, you already know what you are missing, we can work on it specifically. Or maybe the first step is to find out where your development potential lies.
Critical thinking gets increasingly essential in our everyday life and at the workplace. We are confronted with fake news, deep fakes, information overload, and the fact that new information is available every millisecond. Thus there is a high demand for the ability to evaluate all this data reflectively. But are we doing that in a good way, given our limited time and resources?